¿En qué zonas se divide la zona residencial de lujo de Nueva Andalucía?

In which zones is the luxury residential area of Nueva Andalucía divided?

The luxury residential area of Nueva Andalucía is an idyllic enclave located in a valley between Marbella and the town of San Pedro de Alcántara. On the coastal side, there are its marvellous beaches and the emblematic Puerto Banús. This area has been a symbol of luxury and exclusivity for decades.

In the upper part of the valley, from where you can see where Sierra de Ronda starts, is where the most luxurious properties in Nueva Andalucía are. Its landscaped streets are lined with palm trees, hedges and luxury residential areas. It is the perfect place to enjoy the climate, the Mediterranean vibe and all the comforts of living in one of the most sought after areas on the Andalusian coast.

Nueva Andalucía

The name of this district comes from one of the huge agricultural estates that stretched from the fishing village of Marbella and the small agricultural town of San Pedro de Alcántara.

This area is located between two rivers: the Guadaiza and the Verde. Along its entire length, several zones can be distinguished, each with its own special features. However, all of them have excellent facilities, well-kept communal areas and a high level of design in their architectural constructions.

Its residents are an inward-looking community, enjoying their privacy. When they want to get away from the hustle and bustle, they go into the luxury villas or magnificent apartments. It is just opposite Puerto Banús, where the leisure establishments, restaurants, lounge clubs and discotheques are.

Into which zones is it divided?

The areas of Nueva Andalucía are, from the coast inland: Rodeo Alto, Nueva Andalucía, la Alzambra and la Dama de Noche. Guadaiza, Las Brisas and Aloha are in the middle part, while at the inner end is Los Naranjos, a large area in the heart of the Golf Valley.

This area stretches over a huge valley surrounded by hills from which you can see beautiful scenery. Many shades and colours are mixed there. From the greens of trees, palm trees and the grass of the golf courses, to the blues of the reflections of the sea and the sky, which is almost always clear.

The inner area is dotted with large super-luxury real estate properties with ultra-modern designs. As you get closer to the coast, there is a higher density of flats and complexes.

The golf courses are in the inland half, within walking distance of each other. These are courses where international championships have been held for many years. Players from all over the world come together there. The three clubs located there are Aloha Golf Club, Los Naranjos Golf and Real Club de Golf Las Brisas.

So, from the most bustling coastal area, to the most secluded inland area, in Nueva Andalucía there are all kinds of properties to choose from. If you would like information about houses, plots or apartments for sale, please call us.

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