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The golf course in Spain’s most exclusive development

The golf course in Spain’s most exclusive development is in La Zagaleta. There are certainly some excellent golf courses in Marbella, but this one stands out from the rest in terms of being exclusive, private and safe. In fact, these are its main hallmarks, known for being home to Europe’s most expensive luxury villas. An example of this was the sale, a few months ago, of the famous Villa Cullinan for €32 million.

Golf at La Zagaleta

This luxurious development has two golf courses, the Old Course and the New Course, each with 18 Parkland holes and a design that blends in perfectly with the surroundings. They have an abundance of native fauna and vegetation, along with century-old oak and fir trees that give the landscape an even more elegant air.

The location is privileged, with breathtaking views of the coast of Africa. Furthermore, golfers who play a round of golf here in Marbella can look out over the Mediterranean Sea and even Gibraltar, on clear days.

Course design

These are courses with a dynamic doglegs design, to one side and the other alike, and the ball travels well from the tee down the fairway. This way, afterwards, it is possible to play with shots at medium or short distances and enjoy the greens which, although not very long, are fast. Technical courses where the most important thing is strategy.

The Old course is the work of Bradford Benz ,dating back to 1991, and was redesigned by Marc Westenborg in 2016. The New course was designed by Steve Marnoch and has been in operation since 2005.

A unique vibe

Tranquillity and exclusivity are two characteristics that predominate in these golf courses in La Zagaleta. For this reason, many families with high purchasing power choose to live in this luxury development. Privacy and security are two key aspects of this residential area that guarantee your well-being and anonymity.

Vegetation and animals

The beauty of the terrain is enhanced by spectacular vegetation. As well as the aforementioned oaks and firs, there are many other species. There are also palm trees, which give a tropical touch to some areas. As for the animals, deer, fallow deer, mountain goats, mouflon and partridges roam freely. Golfers enjoy this natural environment, where everything seems to coexist in perfect harmony.

Club and services

This is one of the most comprehensive golf courses in Marbella. It has a magnificent clubhouse with a restaurant, as well as many other services and amenities. It even has a shop selling all kinds of golf-related products. All of them are exclusive and quality products for playing golf.

In short, enjoying a golf course in the most exclusive development in the country is possible at La Zagaleta. The experience of its golfers is unique and unrepeatable. If you would like more information about luxury villas with these possibilities, we can help you. We are a real estate agency with more than 30 years’ experience offering real estate services in Marbella.

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